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Traveller, amateur photographer, interiors enthusiast, wannabe runner and gin lover.  (Also a wife, cat mother, wine lover and bit of a control freak).  Oh, I’m also a square HR Manager fitting in a round creative hole.  


I’ve realised over the years that there is only so many ways that you can creatively pay someone (or creatively fire someone in some cases) and I’ve been craving an outlet for that long under used media degree I worked semi hard for twenty years ago (and I’m assuming there’s an underlying creative streak desperate to escape from me that’s underpinning this whole endeavour). 

This blog is a little bit of everything; my thoughts, memories, opinions, recommendations and rants.  Might be serious but more than likely totally irreverent.  There's no particular order to the way that these things are going to spill from my brain - but I'm hoping you'll bear with me and you'll find something that tickles your tastebuds as you jump down the rabbit hole that is my brain.

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