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Peloton - it’s a right pain in my bum

I mean, quite literally, a massive pain in my arse.

Now that spring seems to have finally arrived, I’m filled with a new found energy and enthusiasm for, well, everything. Maybe it’s the lighter nights, or it could be the stresses from work finally (touch wood) subsiding. Or maybe it’s because after a rather drunken Thursday night, I’ve sworn off alcohol (again) and have been alcohol free for 6 days and counting (hey - baby steps).

Obviously this new burst of energy requires me to fill my life to the brim, so along with cramming in more writing, prep work for my first workshop at my writers group, photography, daily walks and a commitment to learning Portuguese via Duolingo (that’s another story for another time), I’ve also decided to try some yoga and get back on the bike.

Yeah, cause I’m going to keep all of that lot up…

Running had been something that I’d desperately tried to get into before - but now that my left knee appears to have all the stamina and stability of a 90 year old, I’ve opted to make use of the rather expensive clothes horse in the spare room - the Peloton.

As always, I thought the best way to secure my commitment was to sign up for some kind of challenge. Like a magpie, I love a shiny medal, and Race At Your Pace, has a beautiful Sakura style one on offer - so off I toddled and signed up to complete 50 miles on the bike in April. I know that this isn’t really a massive distance to complete in a month - but I’m so darn competitive and so darn unfit, I know if I over commit, I’m going to end up breaking more things off me.

But I’m five days in and already over 14 miles have been knocked off the target - so I’m thinking this is going to be a doddle… but the one thing I ALWAYS conveniently forget when I get on a bike… is how painful the bloody seat is. Given that I’ve been blessed with the Purnell family arse, you’d think that I’d have more than enough cushioning to soften the blow but no (no pun intended). Why do they make these things so uncomfortable? Is it some kind of tactic to make me do the standing up bits of a shouty HIIT class? Am seriously considering investing in a larger seat but to be honest, I’d probably need to install a saddle for the ultimate comfort and I don’t think Peloton have quite got to that element of their branded accessories just yet.

No, I guess I’m going to have to plough on and build up my tolerance to pain somehow (can I toughen it up like other muscles in the body?? And if I do, am I going to get a pert, peachy ass - because that may be worth the agony). Either that or I’m going to have to permanently strap a cushion to my derrière so that no matter where I sit during the day, I can double up the cushioning and protect my sensitive bottom.

Any tips people? And don’t say don’t get on the bike - failure is not an option this time!



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